AlphaTrading: NEW Factor and Risk Analysis - star count:172.0

2021.12.07 22:20 Peerism1 AlphaTrading: NEW Factor and Risk Analysis - star count:172.0

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2021.12.07 22:20 SnazzyPenguin27 Question re: returning PS5 game to JB HiFi

Hi all, I bought a PS5 and a game yesterday from JB, and last night as I was setting up the PS5 I was looking up the game on Reddit (Battlefield 2024 for info) and it was only then that I realised you can't play the game without a Playstation Plus subscription.... I was not aware of this, and I don't have a Playstation Plus subscription, nor do I intend on getting one. My question is, can return this game as I was unaware of this? Or is it a case of suck it up? I have removed the plastic wrap, but the game has not been removed from the case. TIA
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2021.12.07 22:20 Baffledlettuce What’s the worst/most embarrassing mistake you’ve made at work?

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2021.12.07 22:20 Dan_jooker215_Partis MEME EXPROPIADO POR LA DICTADURA CHEPA

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2021.12.07 22:20 JustTheRealNews Smith Introduces Bill to Slash Washington Waste and Prevent Cuts to Medicare, Other Vital Programs, Triggered by Democrats’ Reckless Spending – House Budget Committee

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2021.12.07 22:20 Peerism1 AlphaPy: machine learning framework built on sklearn and pandas. Support pyfolio/xgboost/lightgmb/catboost(gradient boosting on decision tress) etc. Examples include financial market prediction/sports prediction/kaggle. Configurations are set though

AlphaPy: machine learning framework built on sklearn and pandas. Support pyfolio/xgboost/lightgmb/catboost(gradient boosting on decision tress) etc. Examples include financial market prediction/sports prediction/kaggle. Configurations are set though submitted by Peerism1 to algoprojects [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 22:20 Lazy-Personality4024 A Universe of Magic Chapter 50

Finally, long held questions are being answered! But we have a bit of a real life problem in the mean time. I'll copy and paste the comment I made on Ch 49 to explain.
- So I got a bit of a problem. My laptop fell off my lap and the hinges broke last night. And if I pay an arm and a leg I can get it repaired this year. Otherwise it will be 2022 by the time it gets fixed. The screen works and nothing major is broken aside from the hinges. But its hard to type things on it as I have to lean it against a wall to prop up the screen. Hopefully this doesn't have to much affect on the story for now. But it will affect it when I have to send it in for repairs. Which means I won't be able to post anything until I get it back, IF I ever get it back. I don't really trust sending my laptop to who knows where for Dell to repair it, and leave my files alone to boot. But then again I'm paranoid so I might be worrying for nothing. -
Good thing is it isn't actually the hinges, its were the hinges screw into the part of the laptop that holds the screen. The back covering that is, but trying to explain this a pain to Dell. Thankfully it can apparently be repaired, however it will be by next year that that'll happen. Like the above comment said, it is hard to work with this thing. And I haven't really typed anything new since then, not to mention during the holidays I will be going to a family members house on the other side of the country, and since I can't actually close my laptop now, I will have to leave it behind. I'll figure out what to do with the story in the meantime. But I don't intend on stopping completely, I still have pen and paper.
That little problem aside, the last half of the chapter isn't where I want it to be. I've edited and rewrote it a few times, but this is the best I can do. Still a few sections fell weird when reading and several paragraphs feel rushed. But it is what it is, enjoy!
First Previous
“What?! Wait, back up and explain!”, Chris said frantically.
“Which part?”, Isana asked.
“All of it! All you did was give me more questions, not answers!”, he screamed, as he banged his hands on the table.
“Oh, well my name is Isana, my tittle as you could call it is, goddess of the dawn, because during the War of Heaven, I fought on the front against the dark gods. Thus, I became the protector of the dawn, the one who banishes the dark, etcetera etcetera.”
“I don’t care! I want to know what you meant by, you brought me here and only you can send me back!”, he pleaded.
“You should have specified then. Oh and we did get a peek at your memories when we took you, so don’t be too worried when I say something that even you may have forgotten, I just wanted to clarify that before you became concerned.”, Isana stopped talking for a second, so Chris twirled his hand to tell her to keep going.
“During your people’s assault on the Cithin home world, the Cithin unleased a weapon using antimatter as its fuel source. The facility you were attacking to be specific. You see, antimatter creates so much energy when it collides with normal matter, that it can tear the very fabric of the universe. When it tore your universe, it allowed us to see into it and take things near the breach.”
“Wait, are you saying I’m in a different universe?!”, Chris said in disbelief, a strange sense of dread and fear coming over him. How would he ever get back, is it even possible?
“Yes. I’m sure you’ve noticed, magic, mythical creatures, strange people, living gods? You know you are on another world entirely, that much is obvious. But you didn’t get sent to the far reaches of your galaxy, you were sent to an entirely different universe. These things simply don’t exist where you are from. I know a small part of your mind was whispering to you that this was all wrong, and something was going on behind the scenes. But I doubt you could have ever imagined this, hm?”, she grinned coyly. This may be entertaining to her, but to Chris, it was far from it.
She continued on with a slight air of amusement, “When your universe was torn, we took the liberty of taking you and your comrades-“
“There are others!”, he interrupted, snapping out of his thoughts at the mention of other humans. Well, humans from his universe that is.
Isana’s grin remained, but it no longer held amusement, instead it was filled with annoyance at being interrupted. “Yes, though many have since perished, and the few survivors are too far to be of any concern. Now as I was saying, we were able to bring you over through the tear, before your universe repaired itself. During that crossing, what you referred to as the void, several gods undersaw your arrival, and tested you; the pain you felt was your first trial.”, Chris remembered that part clearly, how could he ever forget that searing pain.
“And as for your purpose, that is harder to explain. But to simplify, your purpose is to defeat agents of the dark gods, and even defeat the dark gods themselves if possible. Several are awakening, and some have already awoken, so you will be put to use soon. The trials were to help temper your power, and assist you in your coming battles.”
“Why me though, aren’t there more than enough people here you could use instead?!”, he asked confused and angry.
“No, and to answer that, I’ll have to start at the beginning, the beginning of this universe itself. And that is a very long story.”
Chris waved a hand around him. “And I’m currently sitting in a white wall loony-bin cell with nothing to do but talk and listen. So answer away.”, he said with a bit of heat in his voice.
Isana shrugged, “As you wish. Our universe was created like yours, the big bang, as your people call it. We simply refer to it as The Birth. During this time, matter and antimatter collided freely, tearing what was once one universe into countless fragments, each different from the next. Our universe differed in that there came to be another form of energy, that energy was mana. In time the mana collected and condensed, these masses of mana began to show sentience, and in time they did become fully sentient. They became the Old Ones, the first gods, and they experimented with mana and their power like children. Though they could never truly create, they could take what already existed and twist and change it.”
“I should explain that we are not true gods, we do not create, merely alter. But when you have near limitless power, you can call yourself whatever you wish, so we chose to be called gods. That aside, in time more gods came to be, some banded together, others wandered on their own. By now the first stars were beginning to die. Using knowledge learned through countless years of life, we began to experiment more and more, eventually we created worlds by gathering components from asteroids, or simply altering pre-existing rocky bodies. In time, these began to bare life, simple life, but life none the less, though it came about naturally, not be a god’s creation. And in this time, our power and understanding were reaching a tipping point, as were our relationships between one another.”
“Fights began to pop up, where ever one god overstepped on the others territory, or took something that didn’t belong to them. Entire worlds were destroyed in these battles, the bigger fights destroying solar systems. As our fighting became more frequent, gods began to group up more and more, until there were ultimately only two sides, and a few neutral entities. We each stayed to our own territory and worlds, drifting through empty space is rather boring so might as well stake claim to something to call home. Unless provoked of course, and provoke each other we did. When we finally clashed, we changed the universe for eternity. What we call the War of Heaven had begun in earnest.”
“The older a god becomes, the more powerful they become, the majority of gods were fairly young. But the Old Ones, were another matter. Armed with their immense power and knowledge, they unleashed attacks that rent the fabric of our universe, during that time, we glimpsed the countless other universes that existed. But they did not worry us, our focus was on fighting each other.”
“The problem with gods fighting, is that for us to fight, we must use mana. The issue is that, we, are made of mana. Casting spells as you call it, literally cannibalizes ourselves, so any god who fought for too long, would have to retreat and regain their lost mana before continuing the battle, lest they perish. This lengthy waiting time, combined with the low emergence of gods, meant that the tides continuously shifted dramatically throughout the entire war.”
“That was until an Old One had an idea. If we can’t fight constantly because of our physiology and low numbers, why not make something that could? Well, we can’t create something out of nothing, so we experimented, and while we did manage to speed up evolution on our worlds by a considerable margin, it was nowhere near fast enough to produce anything of use. Then another Old One had idea, what if we don’t create something, but bring something, like from one of those universes that just happen to be hanging around every time we tear reality?”
“And so, we began to experiment, and rend our universe, breaching it and reaching into neighboring universes, yours included, and forcibly conscript their denizens. These new beings, these mortals, became our foot soldiers, we sent them into battle by the thousands, and in time we fought back the dark gods and achieved victory.”, she explained.
“How the hell do regular people fight off gods? And what does that have to do with bringing me here?”, Chris asked. It was a good story, but he failed to see what the importance was.
“Everything, we learned that when someone is brought from their universe to ours, they can channel an immense amount of mana, for some, it was enough to rival a young god. But using all of their mana doesn’t kill them like us gods, just tire them. While they start with little mana, they quickly gain a staggering amount, far faster than any god can replenish.”
“Their young age meant that they would never be as powerful as a god, but a lion can’t defeat a swarm of ants. And eventually, even ants can bring down a lion, and that’s exactly what they did. However, after the war, when the dark gods were either banished from our worlds, locked away, or went to sleep, we were left with worlds filled with hundreds of thousands to millions of essentially demi gods. Fearing we would become their next target, we put locks on their power.”
“We couldn’t put locks on any that had been directly taken from their universes, we just had to hope they would die of age first, but newborns, during the time from the womb to birth, could be altered. An Old One, believed to the one who had the idea to take you mortals, devised a spell to ensure no uprising could ever occur. This Old One, crafted a powerful spell that none have been able to replicate, it spread through the cosmos, using the very mana that surrounds us as a form of host, ensuring it will never run out of power. This spell creates a lock on any mortal that is conceived while in the presence of mana, the mortal’s referee to theses locks, as souls.”
“Their soul blocks them from accessing mana to their full potential, so they can never rise up against us. If their soul is destroyed, allowing them access to the vast quantities of mana, then they die, a rather simple solution. But these souls also have interesting unintended abilities. Because mana is in essence what a soul is comprised of. When a mortal dies, their souls do not die with them. Their soul instead remains whole, with the memories and lessons of the mortal imprinted upon it. Truthfully, the only godly part of us, is that we can manipulate these souls. Some gods even provide a brief afterlife for those loyal to them.”
Isana shook her head, stopping her tangent and getting back on track. “But the nature of a soul is unimportant. Where you come in, is that as someone who was not born here, you do not have a soul, and thus can attain power akin to a god. Making you a very effective weapon against the dark gods.”
“Why don’t you just stop the spell or stop giving souls to a few people and train them?”
Isana shrugged, “Because it was an Old One, that has since fallen, that devised the spell, so no one currently knows how to stop it. And if we were to break it, how would we recreate it? Wars end, after all is said and done, we will need to go back to how things were. We can’t do that if the spell is broken. And besides, we need fully gown soldiers now. We do not have time to train an infant, we need those who are experienced warriors, warriors like yourself.” A smug, condescending grin seemed to play across her face. Even a shining beacon of light, Chris could still tell it was there. “Warriors like your people’s fabled Phoenix.”
“Don’t call me that.”, Chris warned in a dark tone.
“Why? It is a worthy tittle. You, Firebird Omega, the last Phoenix, the sole survivor of your unit, and of the Siege of Tears.”
Chris slammed his fist onto the table, “Shut up! You had no right to go through my memories!”
Isana bowed her head, “As you wish, but you will need to call upon that fabled hero if you are to survive. A disturbance several years ago, most likely from some foolish mortal race from another universe, caused a ripple across ours, disturbing many dark gods, and awakening them from slumber. The Cithin only made it worse when they fired their weapon. The dark gods on our world are on the rise, and must be dealt with soon, or they will raze Idilia.”
She leaned forward, as she did her body began to grow in size, looming over Chris. Images played on her face like a screen. They were of Chris’ memories, memories best left buried; memories of war and death, of fires burning across continents, and of an evac shuttle burning in the ruble that was Earth. Chris could still smell the scent of burning flesh coming from within it.
“Do you remember how Earth burned when the Cithin landed? Do you remember watching your sisters die? We do not want our home to be destroyed as much as you did not want yours destroyed. So we have brought you here to fight for us, you must defeat the dark gods and their forces. You must become one of our champions, you must become the Phoenix and rise to battle once more.”
Chris was silent, old memories haunting him, brought to the surface by Isana. Like before, they were of the day the Cithin landed. And of his two little sisters, their laughs and smiles cut short, never to be seen or heard again. He told himself he wouldn’t dance to anyone else’s tune, or be turned into a puppet. But that was a glorified pep talk, reality is, he was a pawn. He had no choice in the matter, sure he could say no, but then he would be stuck on a world engulfed in flames. He was on a sinking ship, he could either do something about it, or watch from the sidelines and drown with it.
Heh, you’re good.”, Chris whispered hoarsely, head hung in defeat.
“Pardon?”, Isana asked as her body shrunk back down to the height it was at before.
“I said you’re good. You’re good at mind games, twisting people to do what you want.”
“I take it that is a yes then? You will fight?”
“Even if I didn’t want to, I don’t’ have a choice, do I?”
“No.”, she answered simply.
“Then yeah I’ll fight, I’ll kick the dark gods assess, and send them packing. That good enough for you?”, he lifted his head, tears in his eyes. Old ghosts and wounds still haunting them.
“Certainly, just as long as Idilia does not fall, and the dark gods are repelled.”
Chris bowed his head again, “What makes them dark gods anyway? I know they created the demoni by mutating other people, but other than that and destroying The Empire, I haven’t heard anything dark about them.”
Isana laughed, “Oh it’s quite simple really. Your people have a saying for it in fact, history is written by the victor. We won, so we called ourselves the gods of light, and our enemies the gods of darkness. Really both sides are capable of great evil and kindness. Both sides took mortals from their worlds, and both sides fought to protect and gain territory. Idilia isn’t the only world we control, there are others like it, I and the gods you see here, simply call it home and thus protect it with our lives. There are worlds controlled by dark gods, that look just the same. But make no mistake, light or dark, both sides will cut down countless mortals to achieve their goals.”
“You will not be alone in your fight however; other champions and gods will fight beside you in this war as well. For now, the battles will be small skirmishes between mortal servants, in time, the full force of the gods will be mobilized. Unless of course, you do your job before then.”, she smiled.
Chris sighed and leaned back in his chair, he had simply been thrust from one war, into another. He took his helmet off and wiped the tears away, “Where do you need me?”, he whispered, defeated.
Isana waved her hand, as if dismissing the question. “Nowhere for now, we are not all seeing. Once dark forces reveal themselves, we will contact you accordingly. We do have whispers of a dark lord, but we don’t know where he is, or what he is doing.”
“Dark lord? Is that like a dark god?”, he wondered.
Isana shook her head, “No, a dark lord is a champion of the dark gods. They are mortal servants who serve the dark gods directly.”
“Alright, now what about the dark gods themselves. How many are there, where are they, how powerful are they?”, he asked, he needed to know more if he was to actually fight, and win this war of theirs.
“Numbers, innumerable. Positions, scattered across the universe. Power, godly. We don’t expect you to run off and start killing gods, we do expect you to ward of their attacks. For now they will use their servants like their dark lords to do battle. If they reveal themselves now after so long asleep, they will be weakened, and thus easy targets even for mortals such as you. Not to mention the swarm of other gods that will descend upon them. There are possibly thousands of dark gods left on this world, but more from each side may come from afar. If that happens, do not worry, we will not ask you to do battle in the void of space, that responsibility falls onto gods like me.”, she explained courtly.
“Then what do you need me to do then?”, he asked exasperated. He was just forcibly conscripted into a war between gods, and his “generals”, didn’t even have orders for him?
“For now, grow in strength. You will not be able to work miracles just yet, during the time when Ayla looked into your well, I noticed that the gods that oversaw your arrival, neglected to put a block on your power. A block is different from a lock, in that a block is temporary and does not hold back as much as a lock. As you were, it was like an infant with a gun, with the block, you can still do damage, but you shouldn’t accidently kill yourself. As you master magic and learn how to manipulate mana, the block will slowly fade. But be careful, it can be easily broken should a large enough stimuli cause you to go out of control.”
“By the way, don’t make us have to put you down. If you go out of control, we won’t hesitate to kill you. I know we aren’t on a good footing as is, and threatening you only makes it worse, but you can become far greater of a threat to us than weak, ageing gods waking up from their naps. Of course, in time you will become less of a threat to us as the dark gods strengthen. But for now, understand your life can and will be cut short if you become dangerous to us.”
Chris wasn’t intimidated by the threat. He was tasked with fighting gods and their minions, having his new “masters” threaten him didn’t affect him in the slightest. Ignoring her for the time being, Chris thought for a second, a question coming to mind, “How will you contact me?”
“Most likely I will contact you directly, if not, a member of the Loridan Temple, or another temple will find you. Each race has their own pantheon, each with its own independent temple, but we all coordinate on these matters. You just happened to fall closer to the elven temple, so we took over your observation, you could have been talking to any number of gods right now had you fallen elsewhere. Additionally, you can contact me from where ever you are. There is a prerequisite however, it must be during the dawn; hold my image in your mind and call out to me, whether by voice or mind will work. If I am able to, I will answer, and we can commune. It will be similar to a phone call, only you can hear me, so don’t go out in public and talk to me with your voice, otherwise you’ll look insane.”, she laughed at the mental image.
“Do you have any more questions?”, Isana asked, while rising from her seat.
“Yeah a bunch, but first where are the other humans that got brought over?”, Chris demanded.
“Scattered across the universe, gods from all over reached out, but we and the gods of darkness are the largest two groups. So between the two of us, we pulled the majority of your people, a few unaffiliated gods obtained some for whatever reason as well. There were others that landed on Idiila so it may be possible to find your comrades. But aside from the ones I know who perished, I have no knowledge of their whereabouts, or who they serve, or even if they are alive for that matter.”
Chris went silent, as he came to a realization, something that had slipped his mind up to that point. ‘That means I might have to fight against other Terrans. But not only that, this means I’ll have to fight and kill people, not just monsters. Can I kill someone? Maybe in the heat of the moment, but what about callously slitting someone’s throat? No…I can’t do that, not right now, and I hope I never have to find out if I can.’
Another question came to Chris, a question that made him go pale and send a shiver down his spine. “What about Cithin?! There were Cithin in that facility, did any come over?!”, he asked.
Isana was now standing over him, she looked at Chris from across the table, taking a second before she spoke. “Yes. But like your comrades, I have no idea where they are, or who their allegiances align with.”
Chris hung his head as his mind raced. ‘They’re here! God fucking damn it! What are these idiots thinking?! They saw into my memoires, and most likely everyone else they kidnapped, didn’t they see what the Cithin were like?!’
Isana looked off into the distance, as if she could see through the hazy white atmosphere that surrounded them. “I apologize, but I must cut our session short. Raynor can answer any questions you may have, as well as inform you of other matters that will be of use to you. Goodbye, mister McErren, we’ll speak again.”
Chris shot up out of his chair, hands still flat on the table. He wanted to ask her to wait, and who is Raynor. But as soon as his head began to turn to her, he was suddenly back in the small room with the statue of Isana, hands on the lip of the statue’s base. His helmet stared at him from between where his hands were placed, the mirror like surface of the sensors reflecting his visage back like the many eyes of a spider.
“She finally done?”, someone asked from behind him. Chris spun around in a flash. The Ecclesiarch was leaning against the doorway, arms folded, with one leg crossed over the other. He nodded his head, “Yeah, she’s done. Come on, I have a lot of stuff to tell you about.” He pushed himself off the doorway and turned down the hall, towards the stairs expecting Chris to follow. And so he did, Chris put on his helmet and followed silently, chewing over what Isana had told him. Letting The Ecclesiarch guide him to wherever their destination was.
First Previous
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2021.12.07 22:20 Reasonable_Doge this is my second day of mining. how long does it take to settle? yesterdays came quick...

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2021.12.07 22:20 joyh8pe What nail colors do you find soothing?

I'm a student who loves nail polishes to find color therapy. This year in school has been wildly challenging. Tomorrow is one of my final evaluations and is looking forward to it. What color would you say is a soothing one for stressful times?
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2021.12.07 22:20 martinlewis- Halo Infinite Arena Matchmaking is so poor

Over the past few days, it has become increasingly egregious at mid-high Diamond in Solo/Duo KB/M playlist on PC getting poorly matched teams. There are so many games where it's just both teams having 1 or 2 high Diamond players and just two low plat players or sometimes even 1 Plat player and 1 Gold player.
This isn't fun or competitive for anyone involved, neither me at Diamond 5 trying to push for Onyx or the players in high gold/low plat getting stomped in these games. It's just annoying having to pop off every single game in order to scrape a win or it's just an auto loss if your plat/gold is doing worse than theirs.
A ranked matchmaking system trying to balance teams on average MMR and having ridiculously skewed ranks on both ends of the spectrum honestly is mega frustrating after a while. Obviously part of the cause is people playing with their lower rank friends but I would love to see something like in CSGO & Dota where you cannot search if the rank disparity is too much so for example you have to be within +/- 1 division.
Would also love to see it actually just match-make games where all players in the game are the same division the majority of the time or have a strict solo matchmaking option so you only get matched with other solos.
Another option could be letting us choose if we prefer faster queue time for slightly less balanced teams or slightly longer queues for better-matchmade teams.
Would be curious to know if people have experienced the same in other variations of the ranked playlists ie. when playing on Xbox or on the controller solo/duo playlist on PC or in the crossplay playlist
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2021.12.07 22:20 Liamthedream2 Campaign missions horrible

Sucks to see that the campaign levels are all the exact same interior design. Miss the halo 1-3 days of crazy levels. So disappointed that all the reviewers are saying the levels are all the same cut and paste.
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2021.12.07 22:20 Peerism1 covid-19-germany-gae: NEW Data - star count:138.0

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2021.12.07 22:20 Zelda_person Please I want new music

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2021.12.07 22:20 sabertoothbeaver1 My dog died. It's hard because I used to think I'd see him again. We had a good run while it lasted though...

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2021.12.07 22:20 PandaMaterial I made another Leatherman sub! r/LeathermanInAction is for showing your Leatherman and other tools doing stuff! Whatever that stuff is, is up to you! Please do understand I don't want to replace this sub I want to coexist!

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2021.12.07 22:20 sofiagtzc HELP does anyone can help me find this photo on high quality! I want to print it in a sweatshirt :)

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2021.12.07 22:20 jessethan Helios is Rising Update!

Read their latest update here:
TLDR: The key takeaway is that Helios Ltd. manages venture capital for investment opportunities within the EOS blockchain and EOSIO smart contract ecosystem. We see the EOS network as a future financial settlement layer for firstly EOSIO and eventually all of crypto. Our primary mandate is to benefit EOS, and we see the greatest benefit to EOS resulting from a harmonized EOSIO alliance.
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2021.12.07 22:20 liyahso1 ?

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2021.12.07 22:20 LeSaltBox Is this self study method effective?

i spend 30 minutes on active study (recording new words), and spend st least an hour on exposure (German native content without learning new words)
I learn about 40-45 new words a week. Is this a decent method? So far it’s working, but I have a goal to reach B2 in June of 2022. I think it’s possible, but what’re your opinions?
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2021.12.07 22:20 uncle_noel UB Berkeley LOR request

I got a request from Cal for my letters of rec and idk what this means in terms of my application because would they have actually gone over it already and do they genuinely want more insight or do they ask this for anyone who’s a little on the edge in terms of academics. I don’t really have a rigorous curriculum to warrant this interest which is why i’m confused (3.98/4.4 for context, but i terms of my competitive school this is not that impressive)
Anyone else get this email or have any insights?
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2021.12.07 22:20 ZalesIII Hey Everyone Names Matt, I post or try to post Daily Car Vlogs Feel Free To Come Tune in and Support The Channel!

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2021.12.07 22:20 JustTheRealNews S.1605 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): A bill to designate the National Pulse Memorial located at 1912 South Orange Avenue in Orlando, Florida, and for other purposes.

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2021.12.07 22:20 mabdoney BTC withdrawal & confirmation times?

I don’t fully understand the chain technicals. Why is it that some BTC transactions are confirmed, transferred and settled within 1-10min and other times it can take several hours.
What happens that would slow down a transaction confirmation on main-chain or coming off Lightning?
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2021.12.07 22:20 Peerism1 kungfu: NEW Extended Research - star count:2518.0

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2021.12.07 22:20 Salt_and_Peperomia What is your cost of living, and how much do you save per week?

Curious to know how people stack up here.
Weekly - It costs me $485 to maintain my life as an "adult".
This includes: Rent, Utilities, Groceries, Insurances, Gym Membership, Petrol, Car Rego, Car Licence, & Service Subscriptions.
I can generally bank $225 per week, and this leaves me some money to use on the weekend or invest.
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