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looking for somebody to help me make a factions server

2022.01.28 23:27 MassiveGrub looking for somebody to help me make a factions server

I've been making realms for a while now and now I feel like i want someone to help create and own it with me
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2022.01.28 23:27 failcup What's the weirdest way you've described the taste of an ingredient you don't particularly like?

I have ruined two things for my husband thanks to these descriptions haha
Blue cheese tastes like crayons. At certain times (mostly when cold?) proscuitto tastes like wet dogs smell.
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2022.01.28 23:27 victorian_dolly Joe popped in to say hi during Don-ya's (the IJ costume designer) live Instagram tonight!

Joe popped in to say hi during Don-ya's (the IJ costume designer) live Instagram tonight! submitted by victorian_dolly to ImpracticalJokers [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 23:27 Greatbutlate What’s a dish that always surprises you with how delicious it is despite the small number of ingredients/amount of effort it takes to make it?

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2022.01.28 23:27 ToraOkami Food Theory Merch idea

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2022.01.28 23:27 spunkytime Can I suspend a slab of walnut from a 2x4 crossbeam?

The slab is probably 30 pounds and one end will be secured in place. I would like to hang the other end from the cross beams with a chain. Is it a safe?
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2022.01.28 23:27 Azurebalmunk San Jacinto Mountains (mini 90)

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2022.01.28 23:27 OverthrowEnt Overthrow Ent.- I Am Hip Hop

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2022.01.28 23:27 Haford_Keh Check it out

Hey guys idk if you remember me but earlier this month I asked for your assistance in helping me create a script for arcane season 1 where I would talk about the best things about the season starting from act one & finishing at act three. I finally got it up & ready to watch. Thank you for being apart of this and making it possible Arcane video
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2022.01.28 23:27 djfayze Knife of The Day - Ganzo FB7651

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2022.01.28 23:27 kjb627 Norns Fates Help

Hello, I recently purchased a Fates with Norns installed. I know nothing about code and expected this to be a seamless process of connecting to wifi, going to maiden, and transferring scripts I was interested in. This is not happening and every time I type in the password for my wifi it just goes back to the main wifi screen over and over and over again. I have no idea why it is not connecting. I am instead booting the hotspot and connecting to maiden. Then, any time I try to install a script this way, I get a message that it has failed and looks like this:
install failed: Get "https://github.com/tehn/awake/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack": dial tcp: lookup github.com on read udp> i/o timeout
I have absolutely no clue what to do now as this is not my forte and I expected this to be fairly seamless. Do you have any advice, directions, or troubleshooting that I can do? I would wipe it and try to reinstall it, but have no clue how to do this. I am sorry but I am stressed and anxiety ridden over this. Thank you for your help. I’m clueless.
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2022.01.28 23:27 qwnkfs Can I get an after market “A” patch on my Wilson jersey?

Power play is doing okay tonight boys! Hahah let’s keep it up!
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2022.01.28 23:27 Tyler-7789 Misaka vs Index Illlustration

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2022.01.28 23:27 veedjay Is there a way to connect a smoke detector here without it being controlled by the light switch?

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2022.01.28 23:27 FeistyCandyPaint Is this rediculous?

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2022.01.28 23:27 RedsUnited91 Hank night has me feeling nostalgic. Anyone have a working link to watch the 24/7 2012 Road to the Winter Classic?

Let’s finish this game off!!
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2022.01.28 23:27 gappyhigashikata22 Need a quick opinion

Are the airpod pros worth it? I currently have Gen 1 airpods with barely an hr of battery life and i’m wondering if they’re worth the buy.
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2022.01.28 23:27 KyletheAngryAncap Honestly there are more verifiable claims of aliens than Jesus in recent years.

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2022.01.28 23:27 hail2thecabbage What she doesn't know can't hurt her

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2022.01.28 23:27 marbleriver The Black Curtain by Cornell Woolrich - Dell Mapback #208 [1947]

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2022.01.28 23:27 MurdersAtSunnyTap 20m Black American roots music enthusiast, retro gamer, coin collector and more!💯 Looking for longterm

Hey sis/bro! Hope you've had a great day so far. Without wasting any time here's the about me section⬇️:
About me:
⭐R&B/Soul/Funk Vocalist, I'll gladly be your playlist maker if you propose lol. (I also listen to Jazz, Gospel, Disco, Reggae, Afrobeat etc.)
☘️Collector of coins, stamps, retro games (Nintendo 64 was my latest purchase), lighters and liquor store bottles.)
☁️Into watching: Documentaries about politics/nature/real crime. Also on regards to movies I watch everything that isn't a straight up horror movie since I'm easily scared and don't like that feeling lol.
✴️I'm the only Caucasian inside of an historically Black American youth choir. (Joined back in 2019)
It would be cool to find people with a thing or two in common, in order for me to know that you've read this and are interested type the code 'FunkyTown' and send an introduction.
Also If you wanna see me there's a few pictures on my account😊.
Peace and love!🙌
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2022.01.28 23:27 ShelbyDriver I'm going to just leave these drug Muppets here for y'all.

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2022.01.28 23:27 VenenoHeart There’s no sinks built into the two kitchens of the mansion. That’s not so realistic. If you’re going to put a stove, you should of put a sink also.

I play attention to detail and at the price of the mansion, it should have came with something as small as a sink in the kitchens. The ones in the shop really don’t match and idk how to make it work right now. I love when the kitchen is put together already so I don’t have to do much to that area. I like when a microwave is above the stove too. Ok I’m done with my little feedback today.
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2022.01.28 23:27 HvBrands Logo Design & branding specialist

Hey, This is HvBrands, a Logo Designer / Brand Identity Designer. I have worked on many logo and branding projects for start-ups and businesses all over the world.
-Dribbble: hvbrands.dribbble.com
-Portfolio: hvbrands.design
Logo Design packages start at 200$
don't hesitate to reach out if you have any question or need a customized quote.
Contact me at [itshvdesign@gmail.com](mailto:itshvdesign@gmail.com) or shoot me a message here on Reddit.
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2022.01.28 23:27 kreatornax GC LOADER HELP

Hi I need some help I just got the GC Loader but I try to update it to the 2.0 beta firmware and it got update perfect but when I try it to boot it up and right now their no image and my GC Loader only flash one red light please help
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