Looking for people to join our team!

2022.01.28 22:24 Nyangorosensei Looking for people to join our team!

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2022.01.28 22:24 TheBeetleboat y’all kinda fell off ngl

like what happened
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2022.01.28 22:24 Long_Duc_Dong How many of these gaps get filled?

Out of all the things that make no fking sense to me, it's gaps. Especially ones that are more than 3 months old and 50% below. You're telliing me that a stock's price has to have a complete meltdown simply because a few pennies of incontinuity exist on a stock chart from a completely different and distant space and time?
Nevertheless...they're there. Gap ups from 9/16 from $20 and 10 /25 gap up from 24.15. You guys think these are filling or what?
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2022.01.28 22:24 TeVo9717 Who else thinks Elsa got hotter after her pregnancy?

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2022.01.28 22:24 Last-Benefit-2800 “Milk Tea Alliance” releases investigation report on COVID-19 transmission

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2022.01.28 22:24 reshly-perfect beyler dogum günümdeki ayin evresini duvar kagidi yaptim ama sizce egoist bir sey mi bu?

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2022.01.28 22:24 meltedburrito_mobile Sonic Forces Speed Battle Not Loading (Android)

Sonic Speed Battle doesn't load when entering a race. I tried searching it up to see how to fix it, but they all are for iOS and don't work on Android. Any tips to fix this?
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2022.01.28 22:24 SergeantPsychosis GOP lawmakers introduce bill to extend child tax credit to unborn babies

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2022.01.28 22:24 casey_714 [WTS] Peace Dollars ($27.50/ea), Morgans, Junk, Sterling Coins at Melt & More

I accept Zelle or FB Messenger Pay. Prices on Morgans somewhat negotiable (I don't know them well).
Shipping is $4 for 12oz or less. $8.50 for SFRB. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PICTURES FOR THESE ITEMS HERE
4 Peace Dollars - $110
1882 Morgan - $35 1884-O Morgan - $35 1885 Morgan - $35 1900 Morgan - $35 1921-D Morgan - $35
$5.65fv Junk @ 19.5x (will throw in a 1966 half for free) - $110
1893 Silver Columbian Half Dollar in good cond. - $14 UK "One Tenth of a Pound" Florin - $20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PICTURES FOR THESE ITEMS HERE
2011 Australian Kangaroo 1oz High Relief Silver Proof - $60 1997 Australia One Dollar Kangaroo (sealed) - $48 NGC MS70 2015 Burundi African Lion 500 Francs - $65 Black Hills Vacation Land Devil's Tower .999 Silver Round - $45
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PICTURES FOR THESE ITEMS HERE
5x 90% Silver Dollars (133 grams). All Sigma Verified at .900 silver. These sell for quite a bit more than melt. - $86.95 (current melt value)
7x .925 sterling coins (134 grams). Marked & Sigma verified at .925 - $90.03 (current melt value)
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2022.01.28 22:24 Dr_Poptart64 Will the Hang Time jordan skins ever come back?

I know that the shop is unpredictable, but theoretically could the Clutch and Grind skins come back? With the new jordan 11 skins coming out I doubt that the old jordan skins would come back, but you never know
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2022.01.28 22:24 ZZ9official Have you heard this 1990 Douglas Adams radio interview from Australia?

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2022.01.28 22:24 DvdFortoul Acto I - Diplomacia | Gears 5

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2022.01.28 22:24 Jmono00 [wtt] dye rize czr

I have a olive green dye rize czr that I would like to trade. I am open to trades and haven’t set my mind to anything yet.
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2022.01.28 22:24 todd12344 Are there any migraine medications that you can take while being on antidepressants?

Like prevention medications?
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2022.01.28 22:24 SergeantPsychosis CNN Posts, Then Deletes Report оn Phone Call Between Biden and Ukraine President

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2022.01.28 22:24 DV1738 What will the civilian life look like if we actually go to war? Are our lives even going to change?

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2022.01.28 22:24 sjryan98 Can male goldfish chase a female with no eggs?

My male goldfish(s) have been chasing one of my females relentlessly over the past week. The males are 100% ready to spawn but the female isn't producing eggs (I tried to handspawn the fish). Is it possible that this is the beginning of spawning and that she will be producing eggs in the coming week or two?
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2022.01.28 22:24 -GamingAndYawning- Yeah, I cried during Señor Pink's backstory.

Are you hardboiled enough to say the same?
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2022.01.28 22:24 taytaylove13 Camper keeps picking the wrong villager to boot! Help!

I just got a camper I REALLY want! I have only three campers I’m obsessed with out of the 10. Of course, Julian picks Zucker (my absolute favorite) to boot when I convince her to move. I’ve tried resetting the game multiple times but she keeps picking Zucker!!! Will she eventually pick someone else?
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2022.01.28 22:24 Forsaken-Initiative3 Not chicago related, but mfs in the comments making all typa durk jokes. Bogus

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2022.01.28 22:24 SergeantPsychosis Manchin, Sinema finding new support from the GOP

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2022.01.28 22:24 tentaclelad I Am Leading On My Significant Other Of 4 Years

We've been together for 3, going on 4 years now and with hindsight, I can truthfully say I didn't think/know I was leading her on years ago, but I became aware in mid-2021. When we first got together, she seemed normal; as time went on, I learned that she grew up in an abusive family where CPS should have taken her away.
Not wanting to give up on her just because of her past, though, I tried to press on and develop a good relationship with her. But I've come to realize that her trauma is too deep and she is not ready to care for someone else equally, because she isn't even able to love herself. For example, 6 months into our relationship she asked me, "What was one of your favorite trips you went on?" I answered that it was a road trip I had gone on to Oregon and that the state of OR had a lot of good sights that I want to experience again. She follows up by asking, "Oh, did you go alone or...?" I went with an ex so I simply say, "Yeah, just with an ex, but I don't really care; it was the state that was just so relaxing to visit!" Because of her trauma and lack of value in herself, she takes this as if I was saying, 'Oh I went with my ex and being with her is what made the whole trip so good and I am still in love with her and obsessed over her.' when I, in no way, felt that way at all. Her insecurities developed from 18 years of abuse make her believe that I just don't see anything in her and that I just want to be with my ex.
At first, I tried empathizing with her but telling her the truth, 'No, that's not how I feel at all but I am so sorry it triggered you...' Then the self-loathing consumes her over months and months to the point where, to this day, she doesn't fully trust me and thinks I still love someone I was with YEARS ago for less than 6 months. At a certain point, you can't be empathetic anymore and can't apologize for another's inability to resolve a conflict they hold onto and that they created based off a warped perception of events.
All of this, coupled with a lot of other examples I could write a whole novel about is to say that late in 2019 - right before COVID hit the US - I realized that the relationship needed to end. Then, BOOM, COVID. And let me tell you, I have no one to blame but myself for my problems. Since December 2019, I have made SO MANY idiotic decisions with my time spent on her and finances invested in the relationship.
In mid-late 2020 I sold my first home and netted 50K off the sale. Without a home and still inside a worldwide pandemic, I decided to move into a house with her and 2 of her friends who we would come to find out were manipulating her and taking advantage of how her past has shaped her personality. This actually drew us together, but at the same time, I made the foolish decision to lie and tell her that her fears of my ex were true.
At the time she still wouldn't let go of the whole OR road trip thing. After all the reassuring, tears, and patient conversations... she was just as angry and admitted she ..."resented [me] for a year and a half now." Not feeling that I could live alone/find a house in the middle of the pandemic (even though I was fully employed and had 50K in savings; I'm an idiot), I eventually wore down and told her that her fears were true. I thought it would allow me to be the bad-guy (even if it was a lie) and let her move on. She was so convinced it was true, that I thought saying it was would solve the mania over the issue. WRONG. To this day she harbors resentment and a lack of trust because of it.
After her 2 friends unintentionally outed themselves as taking advantage of her in April/May of 2021, we ended up being kicked out of the house without cause (would love to write about that if anyone is interested). We were given a week to move out and so we decided we could move in with my SO's sister and her sister's husband. They're a little older than us, employed, and the 4 of us could buy a house and sell it in 2 years to get some money in the bank. I thought it was foolproof! I already had 50K, so I could just invest that into the next house and get even more money, right?
Well, mania and inability to function as an adult runs in the family because of the abuse. Her sister had a mental breakdown and quit her job at the start of the pandemic; not fired/laid off, QUIT. Her husband is OK, but stressed as he is the sole breadwinner now because the sister refused to get a job. In hindsight, I think they needed ME, or more specifically, my money. I made another foolish decision to cover the down payment on the house with a contract written that the sister and husband would pay me back half the price of our 48,000 down payment by the time we sell in July 2023.
I foolishly shelled out over $20,000 so a woman who can work but refused to get a job until Just now in Jan 2022 and her husband could move out of their apartment and into a house with me and my GF who thinks that any time I don't jump up and down and screamy joyously at the top of my lungs when she wants to do something together means that I hate her and just miss my ex; my ex being a woman who I haven't seen in over 4 years and only remember because she is a point of obsession for my current gf.
Yet I remain here. I sunk ALL of my money into this place and said YES too many times when I should have said no and had the courage to navigate living alone. I remain here writing this with the full intention of selling the house in July 2023 and immediately dumping my current GF once the money is in the bank. I've known since about December 2019 that this needed to happen but didn't believe in myself enough and convinced myself that she would change or that I would be immoral to leave someone just because they have truama. Hell, I have trauma haha But what I cannot do is walk out and throw away all the money I sank into the house. The house is sound and I am actually confident we will profit form it. I was smart enough to have a contract drafted so that nobody gets a dime until I've been paid back, but that's about the only intelligent thing I've done.
What's so malicious of me is that she REALLY wants to get married and I know from experience how she handles when I try to tell her my honest feelings... if it's a feeling she doesn't agree with, she is incapable of letting the disagreement go. This has trained me to lie ALL THE TIME to her. I've been telling her what I know she wants or hear, just so I don't have to deal with the alternative. And I otherwise value truth so much. But some people set up their relationships where they really dont want the truth from you. Every crime has a sentence, but for her... the sentence is indefinite.
In closing, I read an article yesterday: 40 Things School/Parents didn't prepare you for in adult life. "#17 - The fact that, sometimes, you will prolong a relationship or circumstance in your life that you know isn't healthy/right. Sometimes you just have too much invested - money, time, emotions - and the only solution is to keep the status quo until you find the right moment to strike..." This hit me so hard yesterday that I wanted to cry. It is all my fault, and I will wait in the shadows until the right moment presents itself.
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2022.01.28 22:24 nikiduncan1 Is Mecca Latin?

Can’t tell whether he’s a white boy who hit the genetic skin complexion jackpot or a Latino I can recall him speaking Spanish which means he’s probably Latin can someone clear this up?
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2022.01.28 22:24 HealthRemarkable Hello! I am looking for help on making a video series on the German colonies!

Hello! Looking to make a video series on Suedwestafrika!
Hello, I do not speak German sadly but I am looking for help in making a video series on about sudwestafrika, and later the German colonies in Tanzania,and Kamerun I don’t know if it will be mainly parts or just one, but it will focus on the founding of their colonies, the wars and governship that made them, and their invasion. If you are interested in helping or just wanting to discuss them dm or reply!
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2022.01.28 22:24 EivindvonD Best gaming controller for Fold 3

I got an Fold 3 and I would like to get the best hand held gaming controller. Any surgestions?
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